TickleTrain. One Simple Tool. Four Powerful Functions.
Turn Emails into Tasks

Gain peace of mind by easily turning your emails into tasks and effortlessly stay on top of your to do list without leaving your inbox... Learn More

Delegate and Collaborate

Collaborate on tasks with people on your team and stop stressing about delegated tasks falling through the cracks. TickleTrain keeps track of them for you... Learn More

Auto Follow Up

Never forget to follow up with your leads. Let TickleTrain follow up for you with your personalized, pre-written emails... Learn More

Email Scheduling

Set-up drip email sequences in a matter of minutes and deliver a polished appearance by using our built-in email templates... Learn More

TickleTrain’s Gmail Extension

The ultimate solution for managing your inbox and following up on leads.

  • Deep integration with Gmail.
  • Manage follow-up and delegated emails.
  • Reply tracking and email open tracking.
  • Convert emails into tasks.
  • Add notes and files to your tasks.
  • Add files to your tasks.
  • Collaborate on tasks.

If you are a Gmail user, don’t delay installing TickleTrain’s Chrome Extension.




$8.95 / mo

(when billed annually)
  • Use with up to 3 email addresses*
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Tickles
  • 25 MB storage for each Campaign
  • 1 GB total storage included
  • Gmail Chrome Extension
  • Priority email support


$18.95 / mo

(when billed annually)
  • Use with up to 10 email addresses*
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Tickles
  • 50 MB storage for each Campaign
  • 5 GB total storage included
  • Gmail Chrome Extension
  • Priority email support

* Add additional email addresses for $2.50/mo (when billed annuailly)

Frequently Asked Questions

- It follows up on emails for you when you don't get a reply; providing peace of mind every time you click send.
- It can convert an email into a task reminder with one click.
- It can also drip emails to any contact with different email content on a schedule you determine.
- It can delegate tasks to others with one click, complete with tracking and notifications built-in.
- It supercharges what you can do and how you interact with email.
- No. You just need to enter your SMTP settings so TickleTrain can send emails on your behalf. If you use Gmail or Yahoo (or some others) you'll set up a unique password to use with TickleTrain. We have help videos that walk you through that. And it comes preloaded with Tickles ready to use!
You compose emails on our website and save them to be used over and over. These are called "tickles." This series of prewritten emails is given a unique email address. To trigger the prewritten emails and the scheduling you configured, just insert the special email address in the TO, CC, or BCC field of the email you are sending. Depending on the field and the type of tickle created, the services provided by TickleTrain will vary- from delegating, creating tasks, or enabling auto follow-up.